What We Offer

Xanalysis is a Professional Promotional Agency.

We serve micro, small and professional businesses with 10 Different Boosts.

95% of prospective new customers come through strategic websites, not just informative ones.

Our speciality is getting new customers for you – affordably:

1. Constructing “Architectural” websites from scratch.

Do you know the Difference


What looks a Good website


One that is a Good website ?

(If it’s not your field of expertise).

We wouldn’t expect you to, in the same way we wouldn’t expect you to know the difference between a painting worth £500 and £500,000. That’s why the internet has only 2% of Architecturally designed websites. Ie: Most don’t know what they’re buying.

An Architectural Website is superior to a “Standard” one by the techniques it employs to make the website parallel a potential customer’s thought processes, so they call you in preference to a competitor.

The advice we give and the websites (and other promotions) we plan will prove to you these are on a completely different level to anything you would normally come across. This is because what goes on behind the scenes (or underneath the iceberg) has 80% importance, while what goes on above it is about 20%.  

Why Xanalysis Promotions have ingredients others don’t.

Explained in:

https://xanalysis.co.uk/a-z-steps/ and https://xanalysis.co.uk/buyer-journey/

Tactical considerations follow and we check the site is mobile responsive and is fast loading and easy to navigate aswell as many other points.

2)     Video in Websites

  1. Research has shown that customers are 10 times more likely to take notice of, and stay on a website that has video than one that has not.

It is the most engaging content there is and done properly shows you are a quality business, and most importantly a personable one. People buy people before services. So to show good character, first class at what you offer, and empathy in person, is the best introduction for new customers you can have.

That is why anyone progressive in business does it. They know it’s one of the best investments they can make.

  1. A video can be uploaded to You tube, Facebook and Instagram so it has uses other than just your website. Moreover 62% of people who do google searches to find a business type also do You tube searches. This helps them make the decision whom to do business with.

More details at https://xanalysis.co.uk/video-2/

 3) Animation    

Barriers and Guards to mental absorption and retention are lowered with cartoons. This was learned when young. Thus  communication of  key concepts is quicker and benefits of your business  bond  much stronger, especially relevant differentiation from competition. Empathically animation also connects far better than text and words. That is critical in the decision making process which slants in your favour after the cartoon. Ask any expert.

Animated videos are 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. These short lengths are enough to get key points across and stop prospects disengaging. 

They are a quarter of the price of live video and in cases where either could be used are just as if not more effective.

Having relevant Animation with animation seo in your website gets google to prioritise your website for the first page. Without having to pay for adwords.

Along with even better conversion rates to live video, it’s a definate winner.

The proof that Animation reignites your website or rockets starts a new one, is in your “Bounce rate” figures which google analytics show. If your site was badly designed your bounce rate exceeds 25% after 15 seconds.

The bounce rate when relevant videos or animation is used, is reduced to under 5% after 15 seconds,  95% staying for the length of the video plus 10-15 mins, or 42% taking beneficial action straight afterwards.

You’ll notice the difference by the large amount of extra enquiries and appointments you get.

4) Landing Page Redesign

It takes less than a second for a visitor to decide whether to keep reading your website or not when arriving at the landing page. Your Landing Page is critical.

We can tell you if you need a more effective one and if you do why, what we recommend (plus a quote).

This is the least expensive most effective thing you can do to any website.

5) Copywriting

The Pen is mightier than the Sword

The main errors usually relate to Imbalanced or Mixed Messaging, and Poor Targeting.

But unpersuasive copywriting is also to blame.

Corrections are usually made through rewriting some or all of the text which you can either upload yourself or ask us or your web adminstrator to do.


5) Ebooks & Ebrochures

There are two types:

  1. An Ebooklet or ebrochure about your business is used for summarising and delivering key points, much better than your website. This is done through much more persuasive copywriting which is at least 3 times more effective than ordinary writing. Especially the punchy headlines that keep you reading.


Eg: “Accountants that know all the Loopholes” or XYZ Solicitors “The Divorce Settlement you need – one way or another.”


They are also more preferable for printing out as they can be done in one go, rather than one page at a time from your website.


Also emailed free to current clients or prospects who find it ideal to pass onto others and also excellent for your image (demonstration of skills).

  1. The other type is used for building an automated emailing list by exchanging a relevant information booklet for an email address and contact number.


For someone looking for a new Accountancy practice it could be “Little known ways to save Tax” or for a law firm it could be “Easy ways to use a Lawyer”.

Explained fully: https://xanalysis.co.uk/ebooks-ebrochures/

7) Reimaging

In order to reinforce any relevant and important message, customised imagery is drawn to help make your website more memorable. 95% of unmemorable websites are forgotten. This can be done within an ebooklet or on the website itself.

8)  Logos, Letterheads and Business Cards

The Importance of Logos

Logos, and where they appear, is the first impression you create when you project your brand and create memorability. They carry important associations of what prospective customers can expect from you and therefore have to be designed with professional precision. There is both a science and and art to doing this correctly, and this is one thing you do not do a “cheap” job on.

As with all communications these are derived from what you are trying to communicate to whom. It is the first impression image you create with a prospective client aswell as existing ones where you reinforce your brand and create memorability.

There’s a 5 phase procedure  (Discovery, Exploration, Design, Refinement and Exactitude).  To ensure professional creation attention ensures fonts, colours and shapes all coordinate to deliver your brand and identity, both conciously and unconciously with whoever comes into contact with what you offer.

The Logo will be used not only on your letterheads and business cards but also on your website, with all social media and advertising. So is it important or not to get it right ?

9) Google Adwords

SEO is something too many businesses in the same industry are doing thus cancelling out the benefits of doing it at all. Google adwords, if properly planned, offer a guaranteed top of the page listing with, most importantly, analytic statistical feedback (showing what is working and what isn’t).

There are analytical programs available which show exactly what sort of ROI you can expect from different keywords so you can plan knowing exactly what you’re doing rather than playing guessing games.

There are also programs that let you see what your competition are doing, what is working for them and how much they are profiting by it.

Multiple variables are measured. This enables a business with a fraction of the budget (or not) of competitors to discreetly capitalise on all their experience and feedback.  From this you would then know how much to spend and where, to maximise your ROI in new clients. This little known fact is completely legal because of how the program works.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of having a website you can be proud of, don’t waste it by simply relying on other streams of business, when all the evidence shows google can provide 80% of it.

Either through Adwords or Video/Animation SEO, or both.

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